Corporate Value Associates is a Global Strategy Boutique, founded in 1987.

  • Global : 17 offices all over the world and more than 20 nationalities having a global mindset and working seamlessly as one firm to serve its clients.
  • Strategy : CVA pioneered and remains the unchallenged leader for developing, designing and delivering Customer-Centric Value through constant innovation.
  • Boutique : CVA offers exclusive and customised solutions to its clients with a genuine sense of empathy, service and excellence.

The company is structured around two key axes: Industrial Practices (i), which capitalize the company’s differentiating expertise and know-how by industrial sectors (Energy and Utilities, Transport and Mobility, Mining / Metals and Materials….) and Disruptive Platforms (ii), which organize CVA’s capabilities around transversal trends which restructure multiple economic Sectors (Energy & Circular Transition, Auto-Mobility, Agri-Food Transition, and New Retail Models…)

 Energy & Utilities (E&U) is CVA’s Practice dedicated to the energy sector (all value chains and energy vectors – Power, Oil & Gas, Industrial Utilities) and the environmental and urban services including waste cycle, water cycle, heating and cooling networks, smart cities businesses… With more than 25 years of cumulated experience in the industry, CVA’s E&U team has built a unique positioning, as a key strategic partner to accompany key private and public clients in managing the strategic stakes which re-design their corporate model.

The Energy and Circular Transition (ECT) platform of CVA leverages decades of experience and expertise from several Practices, including the Energy & Utilities practice of CVA, to address the strategic challenges of companies, while aligning their business model and portfolio of activities with the requirements of carbon neutrality and circular economy